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….I had no time to update you with my last days.. 

 but WE are home alone -again…Hubby went to save “private Ryan“- an expression I use when he goes to save an Opera..

 He got the call, second day had to fly, now he is rehearsing… It’s a world premiere and he has the main role..the singer that actually has to sing this opera…cannot sing for 3 weeks  already so the staff from Opera panicked a bit.. 

 Hubby is kind of known to the Director of this Opera House (cannot say too much for the moment) as a fast learner and a really good singer,he helped him toooo many times in the past saving other important shows for him. 

  If the contracted singer will recover,then hubby will be back home at the end of this week,if not..then he  has to save about six shows…or smthing like that..

  Between these he also has two important auditions.. and overall..he is really stressed also with our moving to another house, and so on..

  So,we are in a bit of a mess right now ..but we take it as it is! 

  Saturday my brother and friends visited, and we decided to have a pizza making day… we had a good friend that used to be a cook, cooking for us..I mean we also helped a little but he did most of the work.

   It’s an easy recipe. we made in home the dough,bought mozzarella, fresh mushrooms, salami and other meats, tomatoes, peppers…and I think that’s all..

the dough..

my crazy brother 🙂

the after 20 min dough..

the beginning 🙂

the super secret sauce – no-that’s not ketchup!

the cook’s assistant 🙂 


first one ready! Neeeeexxxxtttttttt! 🙂