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Hi Friends!

I really want to post this cause it’s the second time I’ve been nominated by this Gorgeous, Beautiful and Funny blogger friend of mine Little Miss  and first time I had really too many busy days to post,and I apologize to my sweet friend for that.

Thank You very much my dear for the nomination!

Now.. rules say I have to tell you guys -7 things about me :

1. I am secretly  in love with Nicole Kidman. I admire everything about her.

2. I should have been a ballerina. Luckily I am not 🙂 – I was a gymnast and a dancer, but a liver disease cut off my physical activity for more than a year, and by the time I had to give exam for the ballet I already had other plans..

3. I am madly obsessed about PORSCHE cars- old, new..doesn’t matter.. But I drive a Mercedes… 😦

4. I collect SEASHELLS… lots and lots and lots of them 🙂 you wouldn’t believe me..but I own so many I could open a store and sell!

5. I love extreme sports…not to watch-to DO.

6. I am obsessed about healthy eating, healthy skin, healthy body thingy..( I am actually afraid of getting OLD )

7. I am a very classic and minimal dressing gal, but that can change 🙂

…and there is a lot more that I could say..but let’s keep it a secret 🙂

Nominating bloggers (by name,or by thoughts I have about them 🙂 :

1. Kate Hollowood -actress and model, very funny and charming! has a daily photo,and many tips and advises about how to make it in the artists world.

2. Stephen Saysell – photography blogger, and not only-I think he is madly in love with his wife, and he’s not afraid to say/show it! 🙂

3. Love for Food – two sweet sisters that travel a lot and have great reviews about food restaurants, great recipes, and great photos about food.they really love food!

4. Nicole mark. – whatever you need to know about mark. products, make up.. hair-up ,nail-up 🙂 and beauty in general!

5. All about nails – you can find here!!!

6. Haley Welsh – model, and life lover. Has a wonderful photo blog, travels a lot, has beautiful thoughts to share.. ( for the moment her page has some problems but I will update the link to her page as soon as they fix it)

7. Opera music and more– John Terauds writes all about, and made an everyday job of it!

I actually love all my followers blogs, and many more!

please feel free to check them out!

ps: dear Little Miss, I dedicate one of my favorite songs of the last years to you 🙂 hopefully it will cheer you up, or make your mornings better! I love BT!

to be listened out loud!!-or in the car!