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(Eddie and Ayssa)

.. I am happy only because it’s warm and sunny outside! I don’t need lots of reasons!

    Eddie celebrated on the 12 of June 2 and a half years, he’s a big boy now.. and unfortunately last night he wet the bed.. but okay, it happens. He was upset enough so I didn’t argue about it this time..

    Last days we just stayed around the house having friends over,some small shopping, and lots of cleaning in the house. 

   *CLEANING* and time spending for me means:

    –vacuum twice a day, rarely once.. (having a baby in the house that is everyday on the floor makes you do that)

-the daily washing dishes… next kitchen item is a washdisher because it will make more time for us to spend with Eddie or together. we already wanted to buy last year,but with all this moving around..we decided to postpone..

   – do the laundry ..almost everyday..

  – cooking..daily

  -playing with Eddie..any given moment, every day!

 – toy gathering from all over the house..every evening..

  -prepare and put Eddie to afternoon sleep, every day 🙂

– prepare and put Eddie to night sleep ..every night 🙂 

 -waking up in the middle of the night if Eddie has a problem..me..that’s my job, but it happens rarely.

  -time spending with Eddie-non stop

…wondering if I have time for me… hmmmm RARELY! (and I only have one child!)

I barely have time to shower,wash my hair,take care of my skin and think what to wear on a daily basis.. not to mention going to a hairdresser or have time to paint my nails,or time to make -up..

24 hours a day..not enough for me! and I am sure it’s the same for any other mother in my situation.

   So when a VIP woman (actress,singer,model…whatever) says she’s doing it all… and still looks gorgeous..and has time to socialise…I’m really having doubts!

-a cooker, a maid and babysitter are definitely part of her everyday life. 

…wondering how I post on the blog?! don’t get me started! sometimes it takes me days to write an entire post! 🙂 (seriously) 

wishing I was richer ????  HELL YEAH!


…Sunday I stopped near a field of these beautiful  lavender.. I had to bring some home..

Wishing You all a really Great Weekend!!!