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…are as coffee every morning to me…

  Well the son – Gianvito Rossi is as expected, a great independent shoe designer already from 2006, and in USA he is collaborating with Altuzarra, creating wonderful  ‘accessories’ for all women.

  Surely you could compare him with his -well known by now father- Signor Sergio Rossi ,and as Gianvito said it’s in the DNA, as his shoe models are different but NOT that different. He started working near his father from 17 years ..so what would you expect? 🙂

  His 2012 summer collection is..very simple- minimal, colored and really really gorgeous.. I really like his Carbon shoe collection..I would wear them everyday! 

  BUT! there’s a catch-of course the prices are as the famous brand name..so from what I’ve seen, prices are between 500 EUR  and over….up to 800 EUR or more. 

  Well if I would be rich , I would probably not be on this blog writing about it but shopping these shoes somewhere in Paris or Milan 🙂 being offered sweet Champagne 🙂

  But hey! I’m here and I wish all women in the world to have at least one of these pairs of beautiful shoes! 🙂

Some images of the Carbon collection

and his newest collection (the heels are just..perfect!)

That being said..I wish you all ‘gals’ a beautiful Sunday!