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.. in about 3-4 hours maximum, we hit the road again. 

    Hubby came back last evening, and today decided that is better to go together than leave us again here for another week..

    Wednesday and Friday he’s auditioning for two Opera Houses..

 I will remain at our vacation house, as my brother will join us, and unpack a part of boxes that we take there today!  

Next week will be our final move, we hired a truck to take all our furniture and..off we will go.

Depending on these auditions.. I think we will decide our home base for the next 2-3 years.

    Wishing everybody a really great week! Hear you soon!


ps: bought a flowery dress last week but I had no time to show it to you ‘gals’.. not my type usually but I just liked the colors. I was told to wear it at least once in the next 5 years.. as I am well known for buying..but not wearing.. and finally giving as gift to someone..

 it’s from zara, hopefully I’ll wear it 🙂 

It was not expensive,and unfortunately I didn’t find the fish print dress (exactly as this model but different print), it’s another one that I really liked, but if I find it, I won’t buy it, I don’t want to own 2 similar dresses, and I think this is nice too.