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   No my dear friends,I didn’t quite disappear from the face of the earth.. but I had some hellish couple of weeks…

     I don’t want to bore you with details..but we had serious problems with the transporting company,that brought our things to our new home.. -they were not quite the serious ones, in fact they thought we won’t fight back if we are a small family with a baby..

    Things got smooth once we showed our big teeth, and once they understood we will bite their ass if we have to.. and finally with lots of help from my brother some friends and 2 very reliable young boys, we managed to pack, unpack and finally move into our new Home base!

    After 5 tons of a truck and over 5000 kilometers of roads back and forth, and after about 5 years (for me)…..

   I think I am finally FREE

    Next weeks are all about making our house comfortable, and we already started again with the constructions, luckily these people work sooo fast! I am trying my new/old hobby – gardening…and so on..

    Of course our house looks like it’s in the middle of a war! I can’t really find anything I need.. but I CAN manage! and I am sooo Happy ..finally…

     Eddie likes how the future looks!!!

      So, with patience, life goes back on track, I come back to blogging :), Olympics are starting, Summer is in … what on earth could I wish for now?!

  A big Thank you to all YOU-my dear friends!

 Wishing You a great week ahead!