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…because we already were “killed” by their bites. 

  We had some guests the other week here and one of them was bitten by a bee, and another one by a giant wasp- a European hornet, very big and hard to kill.. I was too bitten by a bee, and as mosquito are everywhere… you can imagine. 

  So I bought a kind of a killer cup. This is for outside usually, we actually don’t have problems in the house, only when we stayed outside on the terrace.

  The market is full of many such products..some cheap some quite expensive.. and in the end it’s the same trap, a cup in which you pour a substance that attracts insects and it’s impossible for them to get out..

   I chose a cheap one – hoping it will work,  I didn’t want to pay 10  or 15 euros for a plastic non fashionable cup!! I might as well be the killer and hunt those insects down for free 🙂 so, I bought this at … I think 4 euros. Of course after you see the design of the trap, I think you can also make it at home and put some substance there.. but I wanted to try this. 

it’s a local brand, no big fuss. (and I am proud of buying  local )

Inside there are 3 small bags with active substance.

 after you put it in the cup you just add some water,there is a limit draw on the cup so you will know.

and tadaaaaa! ready to kill!

 I put it near a light, up outside the house.

and waited…

 And OHHHHHH!!!!!   First customers!!!!  It took maybe 20 min, because it was day and not soo hot..

Third day… Fulllllllll of customers…

I would say it works! really well! 

 #  I am quite the mercy one, and I like to see and know insects, but I have no choice with these ones as I am kind of afraid with my baby boy being bitten..

     I apologize to the ones who protect and like these insects. #

   Of course a better way and much more expensive- but for the long term, is a pest control, and we will surely do that in autumn or so..

 But for someone who is on holidays at  Balaton Lake … this would be a great option. I recommend it. 

  We’re still going strong with constructions in our yard..and it looks like war outside, but 3 workers did miracles in 6 days only. I’ll prepare a post for tomorrow to show you the quick change.


   Wishing all of You a Great Weekend!