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….worth making!

   But not like us..by car.. but maybe on a bicycle. The lake is all rounded by roads for cycling,and the nature is really beautiful, people are okay, the foooooood is more than great..and so on!

   Balaton (the lake) has about 77 km length, and has an average depth of 3-4 meters,and between 3 and 14 km width. 

Where I live..is really under 1 m deep 🙂 ..I mean it’s perfect for me 🙂 I can’t swim, so for me 1 m is enough.

 So, weather was okay-as in..not 38 Celsius! but about 24-26 so quite  acceptable!

   here is a map of the lake-so you have an idea, and the cycling trips that anybody can do!

if you press the photo you will see the larger version.

  We only stopped few times, but next time we will plan the trip. This was just the Sunday family trip that we do wherever we are.

    My house is still in chaos, and the works are a little bit behind from various reasons.. I still can’t find anything in the house! and so is my hubby 🙂 the dust is greater than 5 cm-no matter how many times I wipe it..there is still enough to lean on things in 1 day again. 

   Like that’s not enough ..we have some house ‘pets’… like snakes.. and mice… still haven’t seen rats..but they are out there somewhere.. 

   I am very optimistic though! -it’s not like I’m in Africa..being afraid of bigger ‘pets’-..like lions..or hyenas.. or other such pets!


   I have many subjects for You to post, but time..is not on my side. Some food..the construction..some sport stuff ..and many others.. 

    [ I have a really bad news though.. for me..not for You of course.. 

 ….I gained 3-4 kilos back :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

and yes..it’s the end of the world!!!! 

Of course, I have no excuse other than eating like a cow… and not following my own rules..and eating lots of sweeeeeeeeeets..I have this …urge for chocolates..and unhealthy food.. and no! I’m not pregnant 😦 that would have been an excuse.. 

well.. my fault… and my struggle.. 😦    ]


  that being said…I will be on diet again.. sooooon 🙂  

  and here are a few photos of yesterday.

my sweet baby boy- he says these days – “mama I am big now,don’t call me baby” 🙂 how big can you be at 2 and a half  ???!!! well…big enough to say this to your mother!:)


and the beautiful sunset we had at the end of the trip, yesterday… 

(mentioning that nothing is changed to the photo,no photoshop,or whatsoever, this is the actual color of the sky…was incredible! )

Wishing all of YOU a great week!!!