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I’m back.. 🙂

       I left You guys so You can have an Olympic Holiday free from blog posts! (from me) 

      Truth is..I really have few time to blog these days (weeks)..




     Introducing Eddie’s new haircut (baldness)    🙂

     the post title has nothing to do with DIDO’s song :), but with what I’ve done yesterday and today:)

    we wanted to make a place for Eddie where he can play with sand (I am sure all children love it) so..instead of buying a kinf of box to put the sand in..we made it. 

    Actually a professional wood worker (carpenter) did it, I just painted it. We chose to build it because we wanted a bigger size and to make our own color-and what better color than green to just blend in the nature! I mean I really like how it looks-so is Eddie!


the “product” is of 2/2 m.

   I started with a base coat-carpenter said so! but I’m sure if you go to a specialized store they will advise you on these things-just ask what you have to do,when you work with fresh wood. 

and go with the green paint!! 

    it took me 40 minutes I think, and I left the first layer to dry. You really need at least 2 layers to have a nice color. in the late afternoon I put another layer,and today it looked really nice!

  Tadaaaa! today we had 2 layers..and I’m thinking of another one..on the exterior..maybe..

hmm ‘hot sexy mama’..this is miiiiiiiiiine !!!!

not long ago,in the morning…we ordered half a cubic meter of sand!! 1 cubic m would have been too much, they told us at the deposit. 

and off with the sand in the box!!!

Eddie was super excited!!!

ready to ‘dive’ in!

🙂 he just left his clothes near,and jumped in!

   so! we spent the afternoon in the sand..I think I played more than he did 🙂 we are still kids!

   I leave you now, I have to peel some boiled potatoes 🙂 -I’m  making a summer salad.. 🙂 

Still haven’t lost kilos.. and I eat a lot.. 😦 

Anyway! I have to go to a wedding on the 19th of august…so when I will panic about my kilos..I will definitely loose weight. 


All the best! Still Breathing, Eating and Sleeping Olympics!!!