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 Not a fan of coffee..but I feel the need for one once in a while in the morning 🙂

        [ I drink almost everyday..but I actually Like it rarely 🙂 ]  

        and!!! I really like the smell!!!


      These days …we were busy with lots of documents.. finance, health, assurances, taxes on …everything we own 🙂 .. blah blah.. we have to do all this ( we are not that smart to avoid them!) to be in order with our stay here.

hmmmm…yummy!!!  it was a very nice, quiet day.. and after the end of the Olympics!!! 

[I liked Olympics, all of it..I mean at least what I had time to see 🙂 and the ending show was great…]

it looks really…brown 🙂 

it’s funny how a photo can make us feel..

and it’s funny how the actual place of taking the photo really looks 🙂

the “studio” for the photo shooting of my coffee 🙂 

later, I had a ‘buggy’ visitor 🙂 a very nice one! Eddie liked it! so I had to ‘snap’ it a little 🙂

 I later moved it in the greener “studio” and left it there to continue it’s trip 🙂


me and Eddie ate later these yummy nuts.. we have them in our garden… when I see these fruits it feels like autumn is coming soon..

and!! I had to take outside my TRIO! bought them together 2 months ago.. and they stayed in the house most of the time.. so I decided to let them a bit outside in the sun..they really love it! 🙂

they are THIS big… (not!!!)

so! this is the grass we planted in our yard! because constructions destroyed our yard..or a part of it.. we had to remake it..it’s really small 🙂 but it’s there!!!

 TRUTH : this growing grass is actually under our trampoline 🙂 because it was a better “weather” under!!! it was more humid and not directly in the sun so it grew faster! the rest of what we seeded… well almost nothing grew 😦 😦

🙂 🙂 🙂 it looks funny!

   So..tomorrow..AGAIN luggage.. 😦 😦 it never ends..

   BUT! I will be going on a wedding this Saturday 🙂  to a very very good friend(classmate) of mine!

   Unfortunately because of my BAD eating habits of lately… I gained ( and did not loose them yet) about 4 kilos again.. 😦 and it will be difficult to get in some dresses.. I will see… maybe if I don’t eat 3-4 days?!!! 🙂 joking..sooo stupid..


 Happy rest of the week everybody!

   Hugs to everyone!