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 2 nd of September, somewhere back in time was the day I was born; a small “thingy” , with black “fur”, of  3.4 kg, and as I heard not very noisy 🙂 my parents say I was a good baby 🙂 meaning I stayed where they put me, I didn’t cry, I didn’t mess around too much…took care of my brother later..and so on. 

    They say that now! I don’t think it was the same back then! 🙂

     I already have gifts from my Boys 🙂 since yesterday : Roses and jewelry 🙂 

     I Thank only for the fact that we are together, in the past years we were in different places,  apart from each other for our Birthdays, so, I Thank for today for being with the Family.

     I also have some birthday wishes 🙂 :

I wish I could share my Birthday cake with everyone!


I wish everybody born today and on this day Happy Happy B-day! (yes yes, including Keanu Reeves- yes he’s born September 2nd..)


I wish my brother was with me on my B-Day..


I wish there was PEACE on Earth- yes..not just a Miss Universe speech,but a reality we need..


I wish everybody Health and Happiness..and lots of sunny days!

and last..I secretly wish a pair of sport shoes 🙂 ]