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   Last week we came back Home from a long trip to my parents. 

   As I forgot my laptop under my bed..I could not blog about it 🙂  

   Things were okay back to my parents home, weather was way too hot.. but now we are back Home!!! and I have a great feeling here! Still a mess all around 🙂 full of boxes 🙂 and traces of construction, but I just feel better here!

    The photos you will see below, tell a little story, story of where I grew up as a baby at my grandparents (my mother’s parents), places I always remember dearly..and wish I could visit more often. I got the chance to do it with my son 🙂  U will probably not understand too much from these but.. I’ll try my best.

    To get where I grew up my first 6-7 years, you need to walk some kilometers (3-4)..climb a nice hill..and go down a valley… 🙂  no train, bus, car or…plane (well maybe a helicopter) can get you there, feet are best! 

  You pass near a (still there) nice forest…go down a cracked, dried road.. used now by tractors, or old carriages.. 

If I could make photos from my memories..wow! they would be treasures..



   Eddie ran all the way 🙂 and he was dead tired early that day.

   I wanted to see an uncle and an aunt of mine,they are old-my uncle is 92 years old and my aunt a bit younger..87 y or so. I was 6 months pregnant when I last visited (3 years ago) and my uncle said he won’t catch the day to see my baby…well, he did, and I am happy for that. 


and this is a forest Eddie…-I said,- isn’t it nice?! how poor in words we are sometimes..so stupid; he liked what he saw already anyway.

kept running 🙂 climbing the hill…


meanwhile..bad choice of shoes 🙂 ..just thought they are comfy..forgot they are white

and over the hill! 

  it’s a nice small valley..with 4 or 5 houses still.. where the closest “bushes” 🙂 are, let’s say, used to be our house-middle of the photo.

and we went down…

it was kind of hot so we had to hydrate all the time!

the summer was really dry..you can see by the huge cracks in the country road..

Eddie walked side by side, and he didn’t complain 🙂 

this was the road down; it is there and always the same for as long as I can remember 🙂

more to see next days!