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..starting with..”I can’t believe summer is gone!!!!” …and “uhhh I really don’t like winter”…

I am just hoping it will be a loooooooooooooong Autumn!!!!

    after reading once in a while (-yeah maybe twice-) the everyday news…I just get sick sometimes..but this is the reality (sick world)  we live in,  and I have to Thank everyday for the life I have, for having my family, and for many many reasons to live..

    Fashion weeks have started again..skinny models everywhere, new designs.. new designers… more money to spend… jeeeeezzz….


     This year,in June we’ve lost another sister of my grandmother. They were 6 sisters, now only 2 left..they were sooo united, always. Whenever a baby was born in the family, they all gathered to help raise the baby, support the sister and be happy one for another.     

    Imagine the 3 funny fairies :)..only they were 5.. one of their sisters Mary,died very young, of cancer. 


  So!!! I grew up in quite a busy, happy, working family of grandparents. Me and 3 others! my 2 closest cousins, and my brother of course. All devils!

      We all grew up a few years in this “end of the world’ place. there was no electricity, only wood heating, and water from the fountain.. Not that so much is changed today, only thing in plus is electricity -a very important change!

       I am more than convinced that Eddie will never understand or wish our childhood.. but I can only give him a glimpse (trip) from time to time to make him understand how things were then, and possibly could be in a future if technology fails on us suddenly 🙂

    Anyway! All this story for one reason. This big family of my grandmother, has a Hill here at the end of the world, where the close relatives are buried-sisters, parents, grandparents.

     All the land ( a lot)  you see there was of an uncle of my grandmother; back then, it was the tradition to bury -in your yard,or on your land-your close family.

     They chose this lovely hill… from where you can see everything around,and where it’s peaceful.

     they rest in peace

the view from the hill 🙂

Eddie was still running strong!! 🙂

till we arrived on our Alley..as I always remembered, turning right..is our yard

or what used to be…our yard..

and here was our house…nature always takes back what it belonged to it..


  meeting my uncle and aunt..they looked the same for me, even if older with may years..

Eddie talking first time with my uncle, he immediately got attached to him.

going back..climbing again hills.. 🙂

and my shoes…not in such a bad shape-color 🙂

on the other side of the hill where we first started the trip! this is the village in which my grandparents moved, long time ago, to have better conditions than on the other part of the hill that we just visited..

in 1986-1987 or so, here was at least electricity.. 

   But don’t worry..we went everyday over the hill to work our land and see our relatives…I was in good shape back then! 🙂 Whenever it was a heavy rain..we just had to take our shoes off and get in the mud to our knees! but for us kids..was really fun!

   a friend took this picture of the place my grandparents live now..very nice. more to the right there is the catholic church,and below is my grandparents house and land..

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

Yours! ( true country girl 🙂  )