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On Sunday I was on the road taking back home my mother. The same day my father went into hospital,but we found out only when we arrived. He had a diabetes crises, and soon after he was diagnosed with diabetes. It’s 5 days since he is in hospital and still they can’t control his glucose level in blood,and he is on insulin. 

   The bad thing is …that this is it.. he cannot undo the disease. The good thing..(if there is one) is that .. if he takes care of what he eats and drinks..then it can be controlled. 

   So! I found myself in this …situation..of asking what do I know about Diabetes.. I know many people around me that have it..but I never knew enough because it was not in my family. Basically…I know nothing… or I only knew that sugar is totally bad and forbidden… but …there is so much about it. 

   For the moment my father learned how to make shots of insulin to himself, but hopefully he will pass on pills later. 

Just for curiosity if you read labels on any!!! and I mean any type of product that is not for diabetes, in one way or another they all have SUGAR!  so..our sugar intake per day is TOO MUCH already, even if you do not eat sweets! it is crazy,and I always read labels,and I don’t drink juices and I don’t drink coffee with sugar-but still! 

I became panicked.. more than before…

   So, I decided I will be more careful than I’ve been even before with sugar in all products.. 

Also…careful at the quantity of fruits I eat.. 

   Before having the crisis,my father lost 10 kilos in one week-and my father was never fat (-usually type 2 diabetes appears to overweight persons) , was feeling weak..was thirsty all the time and drank 2l of water per night.. but he did not know these are symptoms for a disease..and did not tell anyone..  WORSE! he ate lots of grapes and prunes ( and I mean lots! like 2-3 kilos per day at least) –that took him to hospital at the end..

As a priority, I think we should do this simple blood analysis from time to time..just in case. No more crackers and sweets between meals! and ..2 fruits per day..is quite enough… 

   Wishing everybody a great weekend!

   Take care of sugar quantity! Zero is good enough!