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.. is more than Great..!

     Have been busy with my father’s new condition, but we’ll do okay…I’m still on the road, hopefully by the end of the week I’m back HOME.. 

    Eddie also had a bit of a cold for a week – Summer -Autumn transition was not that smooth -temperature dropped too much and sudden;

 …Hubby will have 2 more auditions in Germany.. and some shows in Paris next 10 days..so..I will be HOME alone again..

    Also..have been waiting more than a week for my K-Pak shampoos from Joico to arrive..


….and had to leave before my package arrived -actually I have no idea if it arrived by now-but am very angry with beautybay, because they promised a certain delivery and was not in time – I stayed with dirty hair for more than a week just waiting for my shampoo and trying to get even the last drop from my last one to use it…now I call that a High Fidelity!- (or just really dirty hair??)  what woman would not wash her hair just to wait for a certain one??!! would say a crazy one…

    Will let you know if I got the package.. but meantime I cheated my hair with another shampoo… 😦

   Till more news.. here are some photos made along my last trip at the end of the world..with things found in nature 🙂


the well known Sea-Buckthorn plant-has higher levels of vit C than lemons and oranges, used in many medical treatments. full of this on my hills!   

Crabapple -or Malus -or wild apple 🙂  

crab apple tree!

Blackthorn! very good to eat after first freeze!

plums! lots of plums! So many that below you see..the tree actually broke down because it was too  heavy..

and some nice colored …caterpillars! love the way they look -this one in particular is the Spurge-Hawk moth ,and will show you  lower how it will look! 🙂


and the well known ketchup supplier 🙂 the Tomato..from my grandmother’s garden 🙂 huge one! 

🙂 Eddie and THE Tomato! it had 1 kg and 400 grams (1,4 kg) quite a BIG one!


have a great Monday everyone!