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  Home, great, loving Home! Soo happy to be back!

  Remember the Joico pack I was expecting? yes yes..it came-just a day after I left home.. 


   ..unfortunately meanwhile I went to a doctor to give me a treatment for losing hair..and now I am only allowed to wash my hair with a non detergent soap bar and use the pharmacy made formula-which by the way contains many ingredients and I kind of burned my hands when I first used it..

yes! I still have hair on my had 🙂 and the soap is not that bad 🙂

 I am using now the Eucerin soap bar- and it’s okay… 

  so..in 2 weeks max I’ll be able to use these again..


this time I chose to buy the chelating shampoo ..I’ll let you know how it works..

haven’t tried this one yet,so I thought I give it a try..

and ..even though my hair is a bit greasy (I wash it every 2 days so no matter) I have to use this..

I read only great stuff about this serum, so I will let you know how great it is..

  Of course, a very dear beauty ‘guru’ that I love, once said- all hair products are good and great, cause they all use same ingredients (more or less). YOU only need to wash your hair and it will look great no matter the product…

  And definitely I use lots of different brands no matter the price,if my hair likes it,I like it.