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     Started the day with the sun knocking to our door!!!


Then Coffeeeeee….yay! oh oops! yeah, my first coffee literally exploded..but that could not ruin my morning!!! not even a bit! 🙂

Made a second loooong one!


ooops… I guess the machine was a bit confuse..

  hmmm..better 🙂  

   And today’s work was..arranging my ‘precious’  magazines! 🙂 gardening..cracking nuts.. blah blah 🙂 

  Eddie was just running around in the garden..in the sand..doing the autumn “works” 🙂


my second coffee 🙂 hmmmm…


..”chill out mommy, I can handle it..”


lots of them in my garden,but..I wouldn’t cook them 🙂 I guess it’s safer to buy..


I promised him an ice cream 🙂 [from where the nice smile :)]


I’m just gonna put them back !!!


our neighbor watching his corn field cleaned.. 

 the green part is ours.. yep..next year we’ll plant Halloween pumpkins 🙂 … seriously!


  Wishing all of You a looong Autumn, or many sunny warm days till snow is coming!