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 …of my Hubby!!! On the 20th October we celebrated my Husband’s birthday! 

well..kind of.. he was in a “Barber of Seville” show and after we drank a beer.. 🙂

 this was my small gift to Him.. 

Meanwhile, we were on the road again.. away from home.. lots of luggage again.. Eddie was kind of tired of all at the end..I got a bit of a cold.. and I said-I’m not doing this anymore like this..I get tired as well and all this hectic program makes us(me&Eddie) dizzy,fussy and tired and angry… and we were only 2 weeks away.. jeeez!!! 


   But I really think this is more or less the last year of this kind of freedom..as from next summer…we’re moving..AGAIN.. but this time I know we’ll stay 2 years in one city, and Eddie will join the kindergarden and I’ll try to find a job [anyone needs an assistant? 🙂 ]

 Autumn is passing fast..I picked up last nuts.. and we had to buy some new things for Eddie as he grew and is out of his clothes 🙂 we have a big boy now 🙂

I know..we shouldn’t.. but he really wished for LEGO… so we are playing only together, so we don’t have surprises with the small pieces.. 


  He loves it, but he gets really angry if he can’t do something. So as you guessed..I’ve become a really great Lego Constructor meanwhile. I wonder how it would all have been if I had these things in my childhood.. 🙂

And as winter is coming..I found some really nice clothes at Tesco-I had no time to look elsewhere, but these are nice and worth the price. 

    Oh, and…we(me&Eddie) are home alone again…  but we are HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!  sooo happy to be Home!!

    Hubby will sing in Orlando,Fl. , he will be there for 3 weeks… and I have a BIG SHOPPING LIST for him!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂 

   and .. I also bought a gift for me 🙂 but I’ll show it in another post 🙂

    Wishing everyone a nice weekend..and a nice Autumn-End..