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 …or more commercially known as Halloween Evening

      I never actually celebrated ‘Halloween’ cause it has no importance to me. On the other hand 1st of November is a European Holiday(in most of Europe) that honors the Saints and is a time for praying for the departed ones.. 

   But if there’s something I love about these days, it would be…Pumpkins!!! and carving in them and I totally love Orange color!


    That being said, I can only share my baby boy dresses in Halloween pj-s 🙂 and some photos from my Hubby, he is in Orlando, and of course he sees pumpkins everywhere, and also he is at Disneyland visiting some haunted houses and scary things blah blah!!

in Hubby’s hotel lobby:

🙂 they really prepared for it!!!


And at Disneyland today (actually now) :

   excuse the quality of the photos,they are through phone made and sent..and!!! my hubby made them so..he’s a beginner 🙂

  Happy Halloween to everybody that is celebrating it!

  And to show you My Halloween Pumpkin: