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Well… slowly we say goodbye to autumn..cold came, at least there is no snow..yet!

We are still home alone..for 10 more days,and then Family will be reunited..and hopefully we’ll have some family time.

   Meanwhile I’ve been practicing my Lego skills 🙂 with Eddie, I am still unpacking boxes from this summer, I am trying to get on a diet again-a healthy one again-:) jezz, ahm…. oh and ..I’ve been a “bad” girl :(… spending money on girly stuff :)..

  I wanted some nail polish..again..and of course I looked for something nice,interesting and not typical for me [my brother says I am way tooo classic in every way, so I try to get crazy sometimes…with nail polish :)],and after many hours spent on web pages..I finally decided that Zoya is still my nail polish fav. So I ordered what else than the winter collection Ornate, and other 2 colors.

so I will be all glittery this X-mas 🙂

and Zoya Paz-a crazy neon Orange 🙂 and of course a neutral one  “Summer” -which I have no idea how it will look…

so! I can’t wait to nail it!

 Also  (but this I had to do) I had to refill my Paulas Choice everyday skin care products,and as always, I am advancing in using better the products and knowing my skin better,so I ordered also new stuff. I love these products,they are perfect for ME. 

this BHA 9 is something new and I really want to try! so excited!

also,I am using both of her foundations-which are great for me,so I decided to try this too, I hope I got the right color 🙂 and I am happy it has 30 sun protection (am obsessed of that)

again something new-as I am using her other 2 moisturizers for my type of skin,from skin balancing line.


I decided to start using also the AHA products,so we’ll see how I react. all the reviews are great! 


never used one of these..it’s a first!(it’s a brow pencil)


these 2 cleansers I already use, but I needed to refill,and they have a new package!

and of course my all time favorite- can’t live without it! -it’s the best serum for my skin! can I get a Refillllllll?! 🙂

I will however make a post(someday) of Paulas Choice, and maybe these could be the products that you were looking for and never knew they exist! For the moment,I can only give you he web page where you can read the reviews on her products,and if you have courage -to order- Paulas Choice is only sold online. 


As for the rest…days are passing quietly, Eddie speaks better every day, using expressions that -when I was his age..-never even crossed my mind.. kids these days 🙂 

    Oh and I really love My JL watch! As I said in a past post-I also had a gift for me 🙂 So I chose again a crazy color (for me) I have more or less no red in my wardrobe.. except a shirt and some socks ( I wear them every X-mas night for the past 6-7 years) ..I know..funny.

    anyway-Love it! and..kind of thinking to get a blue one too..and a yellow..and a green…hmm they have the best summer colors!!! even if it’s almost winter….[well…it’s summer in Chile..and Brasil..so why not!]

  Meanwhile I also got ‘grassy’ cutting the grass for my yard..luckily in time cause the next days after..it rained…


Eddie minding his..own business 🙂

and tadaaa! ready for winter.. (not really)

 Oh well! Wishing Everybody a nice Sunday!  🙂   🙂   🙂