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 I love the Autumn colors, as I love the Spring colors as well, but both are really different and truly beautiful.

    I make photos of these colors for two – three weeks already and they are still nice. 

    We even had fun making a kind of  “colaj”  of  painted leaves! it turned out nice 🙂

     Family is reunited :), so we are not alone anymore-for a while, Eddie is growing fast..and in one month he will be 3 years old!!! I have no idea how time went by.. 

    My Zoya and Paulas Choice packages arrived, but will make another post for that. 

   Oh! and nothing new..I am trying to loose some kilos..not many..about 5.. uhhhhhhh…

(excuse the quality of the photos,many of them are made through car window :), or by phone..)

our alley…

on the road…