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As I already told You, my packages arrived almost 2 weeks ago -the ZOYA nail polishes, and my Paulas Choice skin care, but i had no time to post about, because it was a bit tricky…

Why? BECAUSE!!!!

….OF THIS 😦 😦 😦

package arrived like this… “Logan” broke and greened all over the other polishes ….


process of opening…

it was kind of messy…. and I have no Logan… 😦

Paz and Summer arrived well at least! and they are sooooo great! both!

then..process of cleaning…

after lots of remover…and dry hands.. they look better 🙂 and tested them all ..and guess what?? I really love them! they are gorgeous!!! and I am totally not a fan of sparkle!!!

but these…exceeded my expectations! they are super wearable this winter..and not only.. all of them need 2 coats to be perfect, but one coat is also really nice.. honestly.. I was impressed.

unfortunately I found another one cracked,so I will have to take care not to drop it 🙂 when I will use it.

next step! I wasted some 3 hours building some shelves for my small collection of polishes [ I always wore nude, and protection polish ,so I’m new into the color department 🙂 ] so it’s easier to choose what I want to wear 🙂

ps: my hubby loved it,he thought it’s funny.

the caring polishes and the color palettes are in a smaller box

and as usually,ZOYA sends some order Bonuses 🙂 yay!

and!!! I already know what I want neeext!!!!

Conclusion :

after I received the package, I had a conversation with the person that made it-usually the person that prepares the package leaves a name,mobile phone and e-mail in case of anything.

So she asked me a photo of the package as I explained what happened, and after she received it,  she apologized, she was shocked how this package arrived, and very kindly said she will replace as soon as possible the missing piece. and she immediately resend it to us, unfortunately it arrived a bit too late and I missed the package by a day,but a friend took my package and sent it to me here.

and now I wait the day my Logan polish arrives! 🙂

in other words,I am NOT so disappointed, in fact I am happy that what I ordered is greater than I expected! and I love all of them!

I think Zoya is quite a great brand, whatever I bought from them, I kind of loved it. So I guess I’ll stick with them 🙂

Have a nice day/evening/night 🙂 sweethearts!