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(and autumn indoor games ) .. 🙂




and how to get a little bit dirty 🙂

1.”catch” some flying leaves 🙂

2. convince your son/daughter that it’s okay to bring…them in the house this time

3. make a game plan : prepare color, water, painting paper, and painting pen..some glue

4. a table to mess on it..

and start.. 🙂

I had a very concentrated little partner 🙂

I think we all know the easy process 🙂 first you paint them,then..stick them on a paper 🙂 some are painting the windows..or some furniture pieces which is also nice! I haven’t tried it yet..I think Eddie is too small for that 🙂 – next thing..I will find my walls painted all over 🙂




and next I decided to glue a little bit the painted leaves that we used,and stick them on paper with some glue..this way..we have the real thing too 🙂

  easy, nice, and fun!


Wishing all my FRIENDS a great ,happy, peaceful week ahead!