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…at my home too.

Last Saturday it started,and this was the morning view 🙂 IMG_1004m

Since then,I already left home, and currently am in Transylvania 🙂 🙂 🙂 Dracula’s land!


Hubby will perform in three cities from Romania,so as always..we follow.

We have lots of snow here,-12 degrees ,windy and cold! but we stay inside!

Meanwhile I got my perfect Zoya Ornate collection in the best shape 🙂 with perfect “Logan”- the greeeeen one!




So!!! people are decorating trees and are preparing for winter holidays!

Here are some ideas of Christmas trees! (all from pinterest)

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Love them all! Unfortunately this year I don’t have a Big Christmas tree…and I am not at home..:(


Wishing you all nice preparing!