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Wishing all my wordpress Friends/Readers a Great, Peaceful 2013!

January was my NO Blogging month-(the holiday month away from blogging)…that does not mean I was totally in holidays. Since Christmas I was non-stop on the road.. I guess the “Life is a highway” song fits me well..

Year ended okay, not great, just okay.

But I am ready for 2013 to hit me! Literally!

Had a small depression (guess we all have that sometimes), still working on my diet-never ending story :(..bought new shoes..new coat..nailpolish.. -make me happy 🙂

Today I am Home 🙂 …but next days I will leave again 😦

Winter came to me too.. and it looks crazy white! Eddie is in love with snow 🙂 but hates the cold!

2nd of January the Real winter started (here)… I should show you some photos so you can have an idea 🙂 🙂


opening the door in the morning…not easy


our yard looked like a fairy tale..


on our street…


the entrance…we had stormy winter so every morning we had these “dunes” everywhere 🙂


the water coming from the roof just froze completely..


again our street in windy winter…it was so bad that they had difficulties in cleaning the streets..


..:) and we had a hard time getting the car out..many times


I wish you all a wonderful winter, and great posts!


Eddie sends greetings and hugs to All of You!