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Yes yes, everybody by now has gotten the flu, pneumonia or whatever other “flying” flu around… and I am soooo pissed off!

Visiting my mother in law is always a challenge..for ME!

Let’s just say..I would have been happier if she was..DIFFERENT.. than she is..

I can say she and her other nephew are the reason why I am desperate right now with my son,on the verge of making pneumonia and spitting his guts out…I only hope we pass well on this, and I am making a promise to my son,me and all who read- I will never ,ever cross the entrance of a sick/ill person- no matter who it is : parents, brother, mother in law..etc.. Unfortunately this was the situation,and we had to stay a few days in visiting..but next time-HOTEL!

[I am really angry..]

Anyway! just wanted to say I also did not have too much time to write..again.. because we are also on the road till beginning of March-when we’ll have some time out 🙂 finally.


You can find me on “Insta” though..it was easier for me these days. You don’t have to follow of course, but whoever wants, can check me out 🙂

  here :    Instagram

till next time…here’s my all time superhero!


..I miss my home soooooo much…


And I am wishing everybody.. LOTS OF LOVE AROUND YOU!