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 I have neglected my blog in the past months, but for some good reasons :

-I moved to another country and another home

-I spent more time with my family, obviously less time on internet 🙂

-I started a diet to loose weight…and it took a lot of my time and power..

       I still have a heartache cause I left my sweet HOME… but this is my life, and I can’t control every moment of it..

      My summer was okay,no exotic place 🙂 or any sort of that,but having time to just stay and warm in the sun..for me was a blessing..

My son grew a little bit more…I’m busy looking for a kinder care for him ..still .

     As my blog will have a lot of Dukan Diet talk… I’ll just start with:

  1No, actually I never kept an official Diet..of any type..(so this makes it official my first)

*yes I kept my “own” made diets : eat healthier,no junk,more raw,more fruits and veggies…lots of water,no sugar,no fats… as many of you already do or did.

  2When I first heard about Dukan Diet– I said I will never keep that crazy..eating..sh*#.. whatever..

* for me back then –  Dukan = Horror 

  3No, I’m not that “sport” of a person..(80% diet -20% sweat..it’s true you know)

* I wish I was..I mean..I wish I could have time for that.

  4Yes I started on a Monday -even though everyone says it’s a mistake.

* of course..on a Monday afternoon..so I only counted half a day, and after my husband left 🙂 so I wouldn’t have to explain the hell I was eating..

 5Yes, keep open here -there’s more to count.

* it’s actually 1:am ..and I am a bit tired..so..let’s continue tomorrow.


   My -before sleep- and first ever advises about this and any other DIET… 

-Read about it!!! everything you can! -document yourself, -see if it fits you, -ask yourself if you really could start it, -see your budget, -analyse every aspect before starting, -make sure you really have no serious health problems (diabetes..heart problems..etc) and maybe more things..but seriously..

                        Read the books!!!


Yours! 🙂