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Morning leute!

       Let’s keep on with the good habits of eating!

       If you read the book- good for you! it means you kind of understand how this will and should work. I f not… you just have to listen to others and read.

      First step ( there are 4 important steps in the Dukan Diet) :

     The Attack phase.  Very simple and easy. You can keep it for 2, 5, 7 or 10 days, depends how much weight you want to loose on the long term. I wanted to loose about 10 kilos so I kept it for 7 days. If you don’t want to loose more than 5 kg, then keep it for 2-3 days.

     You can eat whenever and as much as you want, no limits.

      You are allowed only pure proteins :

      Eggs– boiled, mixed, eggwhites, poached eggs ..raw.. whatever form you want-except fried in oil! that’s a no no!

      Meat : poultry, beef, fish, veal, some organs. 

        Boil it, grill it, ‘oven’ it …but never fry it. No skin on chicken allowed-that’s fat. 

only few condiments allowed- nothing green or fresh. Smoked salmon is allowed and any kind of fish, also in cans- but only in natural juice and please take care at sugars- there should be zero sugar added. 

        Milk and Yogurt : only non fat milk and non fat yogurt. Means 0,1% fat is also ok, but again, take care of the added sugars- should be zero if possible. No fruit yogurt-they all have sugars.

        Coffee,Tea and Coca Cola Zero.  No sugar!!! 

And lots of water- about 1,5 liters / day.

        Whatever you think “am i allowed to eat….” NO! 


        * everyday without interruption : one table spoon of oat bran (not flour) -can be with yogurt..or mixed with eggs or whatever. just have it.

       I didn’t make a lot of food photos in this Attack phase- I was kind of busy reading and cooking ..and trying to not make mistakes.

       I kept it for 7 days and I lost 5 kilos. 🙂

       I felt a little bit of headache and a bit weak on the 3rd and 4th day but I recovered immediately with fish. Since then, I never had days like that- always full of energy and no health problems.



You’re gonna eat a lot of this in this phase 🙂

Bon appetite! and loose weight!