about me

i’m in my 30’s, married to an opera singer, am mother of one angel baby boy, don’t stay too much time in one place, travel most of the time with my hubby, and trying to do smthing alongside his career that does not keep our family appart..

i finished university of economics..but don’t work in the field

my greatest hobby is photography…

am interested a lot in fashion, eating healthy, skincare, and spending quality time with my loved ones..

in the last 3-4 years i spent lots of times in different places :

Italy(Venice,Florence,Padova,Perugia,Napoli,Siena,Lago Trasimeno..)Switzerland(Basel), Germany, Hungary, Austria(Wien,Klagenfurt,Salzburg), Chile(Santiago de Chile), Romania and USA(Miami,Los Angeles,Philadelphia) meeting people, making friends, living day by day with my family.

4 thoughts on “about me”

  1. Please check out http://www.aaduna.org and if you like what you see, please consider submitting some of your photography (unpublished) to us. You should also peruse our blog at aadunanotes.blogspot.com, or follow us on Facebook (aaduna, Inc.) Twitter or Pinterest….

    We found you because a couple of years ago, you were interested in a person who is currently interested in us.

  2. Hi, long time…hows you and Hows Eddie…
    was going through an old post, saw a comment by you and my thoughts went You and Eddie.. hope you guys are happy busy and happy healthy … 🙂

    • Hey sweetie!!!! I was thinking about you toooo! what a coincidence!
      I am a little bit better. Since we moved to Germany, things were a bit difficult.. then i got really sick, last year i had two operations and lots of stomach problems, terrible headaches, and this year i started very “good” -with hepatitis..
      In between all this i had to keep up last year with german language course..
      So …i was tired all the time, that’s why i didn’t blog anymore.
      How are you??? Are you okay?
      kisses and hugs!

      • whoa! that sounds bad…operations? seems like you’ve had a crazy time…what happened?
        Hope things are better now… Please takecare of you…
        Eddie must be a big boy now…Hope Germany is treating you better now…
        Im okay too…still a superhero..nothing much changed 🙂

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