Dukan Diet step by step ‘2


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Morning leute!

       Let’s keep on with the good habits of eating!

       If you read the book- good for you! it means you kind of understand how this will and should work. I f not… you just have to listen to others and read.

      First step ( there are 4 important steps in the Dukan Diet) :

     The Attack phase.  Very simple and easy. You can keep it for 2, 5, 7 or 10 days, depends how much weight you want to loose on the long term. I wanted to loose about 10 kilos so I kept it for 7 days. If you don’t want to loose more than 5 kg, then keep it for 2-3 days.

     You can eat whenever and as much as you want, no limits.

      You are allowed only pure proteins :

      Eggs– boiled, mixed, eggwhites, poached eggs ..raw.. whatever form you want-except fried in oil! that’s a no no!

      Meat : poultry, beef, fish, veal, some organs. 

        Boil it, grill it, ‘oven’ it …but never fry it. No skin on chicken allowed-that’s fat. 

only few condiments allowed- nothing green or fresh. Smoked salmon is allowed and any kind of fish, also in cans- but only in natural juice and please take care at sugars- there should be zero sugar added. 

        Milk and Yogurt : only non fat milk and non fat yogurt. Means 0,1% fat is also ok, but again, take care of the added sugars- should be zero if possible. No fruit yogurt-they all have sugars.

        Coffee,Tea and Coca Cola Zero.  No sugar!!! 

And lots of water- about 1,5 liters / day.

        Whatever you think “am i allowed to eat….” NO! 


        * everyday without interruption : one table spoon of oat bran (not flour) -can be with yogurt..or mixed with eggs or whatever. just have it.

       I didn’t make a lot of food photos in this Attack phase- I was kind of busy reading and cooking ..and trying to not make mistakes.

       I kept it for 7 days and I lost 5 kilos. 🙂

       I felt a little bit of headache and a bit weak on the 3rd and 4th day but I recovered immediately with fish. Since then, I never had days like that- always full of energy and no health problems.



You’re gonna eat a lot of this in this phase 🙂

Bon appetite! and loose weight!




Dukan Diet step by step ‘1


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 I have neglected my blog in the past months, but for some good reasons :

-I moved to another country and another home

-I spent more time with my family, obviously less time on internet 🙂

-I started a diet to loose weight…and it took a lot of my time and power..

       I still have a heartache cause I left my sweet HOME… but this is my life, and I can’t control every moment of it..

      My summer was okay,no exotic place 🙂 or any sort of that,but having time to just stay and warm in the sun..for me was a blessing..

My son grew a little bit more…I’m busy looking for a kinder care for him ..still .

     As my blog will have a lot of Dukan Diet talk… I’ll just start with:

  1No, actually I never kept an official Diet..of any type..(so this makes it official my first)

*yes I kept my “own” made diets : eat healthier,no junk,more raw,more fruits and veggies…lots of water,no sugar,no fats… as many of you already do or did.

  2When I first heard about Dukan Diet– I said I will never keep that crazy..eating..sh*#.. whatever..

* for me back then –  Dukan = Horror 

  3No, I’m not that “sport” of a person..(80% diet -20% sweat..it’s true you know)

* I wish I was..I mean..I wish I could have time for that.

  4Yes I started on a Monday -even though everyone says it’s a mistake.

* of course..on a Monday afternoon..so I only counted half a day, and after my husband left 🙂 so I wouldn’t have to explain the hell I was eating..

 5Yes, keep open here -there’s more to count.

* it’s actually 1:am ..and I am a bit tired..so..let’s continue tomorrow.


   My -before sleep- and first ever advises about this and any other DIET… 

-Read about it!!! everything you can! -document yourself, -see if it fits you, -ask yourself if you really could start it, -see your budget, -analyse every aspect before starting, -make sure you really have no serious health problems (diabetes..heart problems..etc) and maybe more things..but seriously..

                        Read the books!!!


Yours! 🙂


Welcome Back…to my blog!


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It’s been quite a while since my last post, and I’m still on the move..busy busy busy beeee 🙂

Don’t want to bore you all with details, just moved in another country..again..had a difficult time finding an apartment to stay..still no kinder care for my son..all are full…imagine that.

The only ‘new’ thing is that I am on a DIET , since my last post, or beginning of June rather..and it’s not bad, and! it’s working 🙂

Will get again more deep into blogging.. with details about that 🙂 for who is interested.

Till then, I’M  HAPPY  TO  BE  BACK !





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My phone broke down.. for 3 weeks already and I felt like a drog addict these days not having my daily dose of ..instagram,facebook,twitter..pinterset,blogger,wordpress…dragonstory..bakerystory..farmstory…blah blah blah…. and I can go on making a huge addicted list!!! Sh*^t !!!  I hate being addicted!

So! ..againg I am missing in blogging ..because I am on the move again.. looking for apartments,furniture… kindercare, blah blah..the same story..I am tired already..  Prices are high..places are small.. the usual stuff…can’t even dare to look for a job..that would be a luxury..

My hair SUCKS…I am having bad hair days for 2 months already..in Arizona I had to cut my hair short..that’s how bad it was.. At least the weather was great..


Oh and I am getting older..not a day younger.. 🙂 something new! I hate these days!

On my ..f*&^%g… busy days I managed on a RAINY day to visit the “Worthersee VW GTI meeting 2013” in austria …

Will write again soon..when I am not so angry on my life 🙂 🙂

20130428_120008_wmkind of what I eat these days..


good smoothies!


20130429_153146_wmHow many? Who is counting ? …

and the Worthersee Treffen,with friends!




I don’t think I have to describe these 🙂


20130510_163824oh! Eddie loves them..:)

20130510_16384220130510_17205520130510_17251820130510_165124chaos and lots of drunk teenagers… I had a flash seeing Eddie in some years.. shoot.. a parent would go crazy..



20130505_122125_wm20130506_165140_wmand Kassel,Germany..



Happy week everybody 🙂


Fields of…Arizona


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..or fields of Cactus 🙂

I want to Thank Everyone that visited, liked my blog and read my last posts.. 🙂 I owe it to You all.

By the time I write this I am at Home finally and having a better internet connection  🙂 and a great weather too 🙂 spring came here too, and I have again few time to rest…

4 days ago my mobile just broke… so no Instagram..no easy photos…no nothing..    I never felt more helpless.. 🙂 jeez… like my whole life is around a mobile phone..sh#t..

Anyway…I will let the photos make your day..and I will “Blah Blah” more next days 🙂

Thank You very much LittleMiss  for the nomination, I will make another post for that 🙂


this was a really ‘bumpy’ road 🙂 Eddie loved it! anyone who visited the Sonoran Desert National Park knows 🙂


On the way to the Old Tucson Studious same road of the Sonoran Desert..



these amazing cactus plants were everywhere.. wonder for my eyes..


the colors were amazing.. seen from the Desert Museum in Tucson,Az.



I know it seems normal height..but trust me..this is really tall-like 3-4 meters..




proof that they are in fact really really tall 🙂   yeah..that’s me and Eddie near,we are tiny humans 🙂  and yes it took me 5 minutes to get out my leaning part of the body the cactus needles.. funny and painful 🙂

Wishing all of You a great week ahead! may Peace be with You wherever you find yourself..



Summer on the other side…MY side


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I apologize to You ALL…for the missing in action -blogging- time..

So much happened in a short time and I had no time to post or write anything..

Now I have some days of quiet time..in a warm part of the world..due to my hubby’s work-of course..

So I am here in Phoenix,Arizona already for a week. Before that we were on the run non stop. I think I haven’t slept for 50 and something hours before arriving here,and the whole last week me and Eddie were still in jet-lag mode …

Best part here…its super warm! 🙂 I love it.. also I love the cactus!-it’s everywhere.. not to mention..the shopping -I just have to try hard not to ruin my hubby.

Only today I made some orders to Paula’s Choice,Zoya nail polishes (yay 🙂 ) and Victoria’s Secrets… And still have to buy a shampoooooo! I am using the one from the hotel-which is not that bad!- Paul Mitchel, but as a friend of mine from Philly suggested I should buy Pureology for colored hair.

Oh yeah..I colored my hair..finally.. but I am not that crazy about it.. I still have to look for a good salon here in Phoenix..or Tucson... Anyone knows?!?

Anyhow…here are some photos of these days.

Soon will make some trips to Grand Canyon and around here and will have more photos then 🙂


waiting for the London flight..Eddie was the only one in good shape..


making friends on Heathrow airport…


arriving..and the welcome from AZ Opera..


the beautiful numbers that made the weather great :).. (90 smthing *F)


the hotel’s pool..waiting for us 🙂


the rehearsals of my hubby…Eddie is a very quiet child 🙂 minding his own business..


hubby’s fittings..hair,make-up,costumes…

20130313_170543_wm 20130318_115213_wm

the beautiful “stinging ” flora :)!


and..the knocked -out Eddie 🙂 he’s an Angel!- when he sleeps 🙂

Thank You All,

Have a nice week,sending sunshine and warmth where needed ,


There are no words..


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….to describe feelings when you loose a loved one.

Sunday 24 of  February my GrandFather ( my mother’s father)  passed away. I called him Father,as he raised me and my cousins in our first years..

He had a beautiful life! He had a beautiful, happy marriage of over 50 years, he had children,grandchildren and great grandchildren.

He studied religion, and was the church singer and main help of the priest in his village all his life; he was a farmer,loved his land and his animals ;  he loved bees, and as long as I could remember he owned lots of them; in his spare time he was also the seller from the only shop in the village…. and he was a violin singer also-and with his brother were entertaining the weddings from the village. He had a full life! He was a great Man!

He was never ill/sick until last year…

We all loved him, and we all knew this time had to come one day…

…but when time comes…how do you let go..????

Tomorrow I will have to say good bye, and somehow let go…. My brother has a heartache as he cannot attend his funeral,being far away, I am only happy that 7 days ago I visited him with my son Eddie and kind of said good bye… I am also happy I am still around to make it to the funerals…as I am always away on other continents,in other countries…

…will always remember…


September 1929- February 2013

May You Rest in Peace my dear Grandfather…

February sicknesses..


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Yes yes, everybody by now has gotten the flu, pneumonia or whatever other “flying” flu around… and I am soooo pissed off!

Visiting my mother in law is always a challenge..for ME!

Let’s just say..I would have been happier if she was..DIFFERENT.. than she is..

I can say she and her other nephew are the reason why I am desperate right now with my son,on the verge of making pneumonia and spitting his guts out…I only hope we pass well on this, and I am making a promise to my son,me and all who read- I will never ,ever cross the entrance of a sick/ill person- no matter who it is : parents, brother, mother in law..etc.. Unfortunately this was the situation,and we had to stay a few days in visiting..but next time-HOTEL!

[I am really angry..]

Anyway! just wanted to say I also did not have too much time to write..again.. because we are also on the road till beginning of March-when we’ll have some time out 🙂 finally.


You can find me on “Insta” though..it was easier for me these days. You don’t have to follow of course, but whoever wants, can check me out 🙂

  here :    Instagram

till next time…here’s my all time superhero!


..I miss my home soooooo much…


And I am wishing everybody.. LOTS OF LOVE AROUND YOU!



New 2013


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Wishing all my wordpress Friends/Readers a Great, Peaceful 2013!

January was my NO Blogging month-(the holiday month away from blogging)…that does not mean I was totally in holidays. Since Christmas I was non-stop on the road.. I guess the “Life is a highway” song fits me well..

Year ended okay, not great, just okay.

But I am ready for 2013 to hit me! Literally!

Had a small depression (guess we all have that sometimes), still working on my diet-never ending story :(..bought new shoes..new coat..nailpolish.. -make me happy 🙂

Today I am Home 🙂 …but next days I will leave again 😦

Winter came to me too.. and it looks crazy white! Eddie is in love with snow 🙂 but hates the cold!

2nd of January the Real winter started (here)… I should show you some photos so you can have an idea 🙂 🙂


opening the door in the morning…not easy


our yard looked like a fairy tale..


on our street…


the entrance…we had stormy winter so every morning we had these “dunes” everywhere 🙂


the water coming from the roof just froze completely..


again our street in windy winter…it was so bad that they had difficulties in cleaning the streets..


..:) and we had a hard time getting the car out..many times


I wish you all a wonderful winter, and great posts!


Eddie sends greetings and hugs to All of You!


12’12’12 HAPPY 3 YEARS !!!!!


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(and I wish him sooooooo many other things in his life)






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…at my home too.

Last Saturday it started,and this was the morning view 🙂 IMG_1004m

Since then,I already left home, and currently am in Transylvania 🙂 🙂 🙂 Dracula’s land!


Hubby will perform in three cities from Romania,so as always..we follow.

We have lots of snow here,-12 degrees ,windy and cold! but we stay inside!

Meanwhile I got my perfect Zoya Ornate collection in the best shape 🙂 with perfect “Logan”- the greeeeen one!




So!!! people are decorating trees and are preparing for winter holidays!

Here are some ideas of Christmas trees! (all from pinterest)

9499849184758669_ZPBv5hh4_c 26740191506995585_jcWQrg4J_c 45458277460207488_65uReNyE_c 66991113178625901_AIJodnOF_c 100064422940232409_e6s3ZPMm_c 134052526379100280_3BHhTQbR_c 147352219027525027_15ETiLsp_c 154318724703186549_w0wwrvvI_c 161074124142299617_02rJJiKx_c 182888434839314239_83Sqikix_c 189784571766737478_DQnDZHia_c 193021534000727223_QEWqnoqW_c 232287293250043699_pTxQc5Lx_c 251146116690398561_jXk0I83g_c 262616221990677136_Vtf9oVzR_c 282037995385573849_jZbc2UNF_c


Love them all! Unfortunately this year I don’t have a Big Christmas tree…and I am not at home..:(


Wishing you all nice preparing!


Am Not Giving Up On You!!!! (girly talk )


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As I already told You, my packages arrived almost 2 weeks ago -the ZOYA nail polishes, and my Paulas Choice skin care, but i had no time to post about, because it was a bit tricky…

Why? BECAUSE!!!!

….OF THIS 😦 😦 😦

package arrived like this… “Logan” broke and greened all over the other polishes ….


process of opening…

it was kind of messy…. and I have no Logan… 😦

Paz and Summer arrived well at least! and they are sooooo great! both!

then..process of cleaning…

after lots of remover…and dry hands.. they look better 🙂 and tested them all ..and guess what?? I really love them! they are gorgeous!!! and I am totally not a fan of sparkle!!!

but these…exceeded my expectations! they are super wearable this winter..and not only.. all of them need 2 coats to be perfect, but one coat is also really nice.. honestly.. I was impressed.

unfortunately I found another one cracked,so I will have to take care not to drop it 🙂 when I will use it.

next step! I wasted some 3 hours building some shelves for my small collection of polishes [ I always wore nude, and protection polish ,so I’m new into the color department 🙂 ] so it’s easier to choose what I want to wear 🙂

ps: my hubby loved it,he thought it’s funny.

the caring polishes and the color palettes are in a smaller box

and as usually,ZOYA sends some order Bonuses 🙂 yay!

and!!! I already know what I want neeext!!!!

Conclusion :

after I received the package, I had a conversation with the person that made it-usually the person that prepares the package leaves a name,mobile phone and e-mail in case of anything.

So she asked me a photo of the package as I explained what happened, and after she received it,  she apologized, she was shocked how this package arrived, and very kindly said she will replace as soon as possible the missing piece. and she immediately resend it to us, unfortunately it arrived a bit too late and I missed the package by a day,but a friend took my package and sent it to me here.

and now I wait the day my Logan polish arrives! 🙂

in other words,I am NOT so disappointed, in fact I am happy that what I ordered is greater than I expected! and I love all of them!

I think Zoya is quite a great brand, whatever I bought from them, I kind of loved it. So I guess I’ll stick with them 🙂

Have a nice day/evening/night 🙂 sweethearts!


Last autumn Leaves..


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(and autumn indoor games ) .. 🙂




and how to get a little bit dirty 🙂

1.”catch” some flying leaves 🙂

2. convince your son/daughter that it’s okay to bring…them in the house this time

3. make a game plan : prepare color, water, painting paper, and painting pen..some glue

4. a table to mess on it..

and start.. 🙂

I had a very concentrated little partner 🙂

I think we all know the easy process 🙂 first you paint them,then..stick them on a paper 🙂 some are painting the windows..or some furniture pieces which is also nice! I haven’t tried it yet..I think Eddie is too small for that 🙂 – next thing..I will find my walls painted all over 🙂




and next I decided to glue a little bit the painted leaves that we used,and stick them on paper with some glue..this way..we have the real thing too 🙂

  easy, nice, and fun!


Wishing all my FRIENDS a great ,happy, peaceful week ahead!




Beautiful Colors of Autumn


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 I love the Autumn colors, as I love the Spring colors as well, but both are really different and truly beautiful.

    I make photos of these colors for two – three weeks already and they are still nice. 

    We even had fun making a kind of  “colaj”  of  painted leaves! it turned out nice 🙂

     Family is reunited :), so we are not alone anymore-for a while, Eddie is growing fast..and in one month he will be 3 years old!!! I have no idea how time went by.. 

    My Zoya and Paulas Choice packages arrived, but will make another post for that. 

   Oh! and nothing new..I am trying to loose some kilos..not many..about 5.. uhhhhhhh…

(excuse the quality of the photos,many of them are made through car window :), or by phone..)

our alley…

on the road…





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This gallery contains 11 photos.

–beware sensitive content, shocking photos- In a world gone crazy…what sense has the life of these people..and what sense has …

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Early morning Nov 11, 2012 another Palestinian Resistance Fighter was killed In Gaza, bringing the number of death to 7 since Saturday evening. 52 are wounded among which many children.

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights monitored in a statement on Sunday the aggression during the past hours…

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All that glitters!


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Well… slowly we say goodbye to autumn..cold came, at least there is no snow..yet!

We are still home alone..for 10 more days,and then Family will be reunited..and hopefully we’ll have some family time.

   Meanwhile I’ve been practicing my Lego skills 🙂 with Eddie, I am still unpacking boxes from this summer, I am trying to get on a diet again-a healthy one again-:) jezz, ahm…. oh and ..I’ve been a “bad” girl :(… spending money on girly stuff :)..

  I wanted some nail polish..again..and of course I looked for something nice,interesting and not typical for me [my brother says I am way tooo classic in every way, so I try to get crazy sometimes…with nail polish :)],and after many hours spent on web pages..I finally decided that Zoya is still my nail polish fav. So I ordered what else than the winter collection Ornate, and other 2 colors.

so I will be all glittery this X-mas 🙂

and Zoya Paz-a crazy neon Orange 🙂 and of course a neutral one  “Summer” -which I have no idea how it will look…

so! I can’t wait to nail it!

 Also  (but this I had to do) I had to refill my Paulas Choice everyday skin care products,and as always, I am advancing in using better the products and knowing my skin better,so I ordered also new stuff. I love these products,they are perfect for ME. 

this BHA 9 is something new and I really want to try! so excited!

also,I am using both of her foundations-which are great for me,so I decided to try this too, I hope I got the right color 🙂 and I am happy it has 30 sun protection (am obsessed of that)

again something new-as I am using her other 2 moisturizers for my type of skin,from skin balancing line.


I decided to start using also the AHA products,so we’ll see how I react. all the reviews are great! 


never used one of these..it’s a first!(it’s a brow pencil)


these 2 cleansers I already use, but I needed to refill,and they have a new package!

and of course my all time favorite- can’t live without it! -it’s the best serum for my skin! can I get a Refillllllll?! 🙂

I will however make a post(someday) of Paulas Choice, and maybe these could be the products that you were looking for and never knew they exist! For the moment,I can only give you he web page where you can read the reviews on her products,and if you have courage -to order- Paulas Choice is only sold online. 


As for the rest…days are passing quietly, Eddie speaks better every day, using expressions that -when I was his age..-never even crossed my mind.. kids these days 🙂 

    Oh and I really love My JL watch! As I said in a past post-I also had a gift for me 🙂 So I chose again a crazy color (for me) I have more or less no red in my wardrobe.. except a shirt and some socks ( I wear them every X-mas night for the past 6-7 years) ..I know..funny.

    anyway-Love it! and..kind of thinking to get a blue one too..and a yellow..and a green…hmm they have the best summer colors!!! even if it’s almost winter….[well…it’s summer in Chile..and Brasil..so why not!]

  Meanwhile I also got ‘grassy’ cutting the grass for my yard..luckily in time cause the next days after..it rained…


Eddie minding his..own business 🙂

and tadaaa! ready for winter.. (not really)

 Oh well! Wishing Everybody a nice Sunday!  🙂   🙂   🙂 


All Hallows Eve…


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 …or more commercially known as Halloween Evening

      I never actually celebrated ‘Halloween’ cause it has no importance to me. On the other hand 1st of November is a European Holiday(in most of Europe) that honors the Saints and is a time for praying for the departed ones.. 

   But if there’s something I love about these days, it would be…Pumpkins!!! and carving in them and I totally love Orange color!


    That being said, I can only share my baby boy dresses in Halloween pj-s 🙂 and some photos from my Hubby, he is in Orlando, and of course he sees pumpkins everywhere, and also he is at Disneyland visiting some haunted houses and scary things blah blah!!

in Hubby’s hotel lobby:

🙂 they really prepared for it!!!


And at Disneyland today (actually now) :

   excuse the quality of the photos,they are through phone made and sent..and!!! my hubby made them so..he’s a beginner 🙂

  Happy Halloween to everybody that is celebrating it!

  And to show you My Halloween Pumpkin:



Birthday Holiday.. (and Home again!)


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 …of my Hubby!!! On the 20th October we celebrated my Husband’s birthday! 

well..kind of.. he was in a “Barber of Seville” show and after we drank a beer.. 🙂

 this was my small gift to Him.. 

Meanwhile, we were on the road again.. away from home.. lots of luggage again.. Eddie was kind of tired of all at the end..I got a bit of a cold.. and I said-I’m not doing this anymore like this..I get tired as well and all this hectic program makes us(me&Eddie) dizzy,fussy and tired and angry… and we were only 2 weeks away.. jeeez!!! 


   But I really think this is more or less the last year of this kind of freedom..as from next summer…we’re moving..AGAIN.. but this time I know we’ll stay 2 years in one city, and Eddie will join the kindergarden and I’ll try to find a job [anyone needs an assistant? 🙂 ]

 Autumn is passing fast..I picked up last nuts.. and we had to buy some new things for Eddie as he grew and is out of his clothes 🙂 we have a big boy now 🙂

I know..we shouldn’t.. but he really wished for LEGO… so we are playing only together, so we don’t have surprises with the small pieces.. 


  He loves it, but he gets really angry if he can’t do something. So as you guessed..I’ve become a really great Lego Constructor meanwhile. I wonder how it would all have been if I had these things in my childhood.. 🙂

And as winter is coming..I found some really nice clothes at Tesco-I had no time to look elsewhere, but these are nice and worth the price. 

    Oh, and…we(me&Eddie) are home alone again…  but we are HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!  sooo happy to be Home!!

    Hubby will sing in Orlando,Fl. , he will be there for 3 weeks… and I have a BIG SHOPPING LIST for him!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂 

   and .. I also bought a gift for me 🙂 but I’ll show it in another post 🙂

    Wishing everyone a nice weekend..and a nice Autumn-End..





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     Started the day with the sun knocking to our door!!!


Then Coffeeeeee….yay! oh oops! yeah, my first coffee literally exploded..but that could not ruin my morning!!! not even a bit! 🙂

Made a second loooong one!


ooops… I guess the machine was a bit confuse..

  hmmm..better 🙂  

   And today’s work was..arranging my ‘precious’  magazines! 🙂 gardening..cracking nuts.. blah blah 🙂 

  Eddie was just running around in the garden..in the sand..doing the autumn “works” 🙂


my second coffee 🙂 hmmmm…


..”chill out mommy, I can handle it..”


lots of them in my garden,but..I wouldn’t cook them 🙂 I guess it’s safer to buy..


I promised him an ice cream 🙂 [from where the nice smile :)]


I’m just gonna put them back !!!


our neighbor watching his corn field cleaned.. 

 the green part is ours.. yep..next year we’ll plant Halloween pumpkins 🙂 … seriously!


  Wishing all of You a looong Autumn, or many sunny warm days till snow is coming!



Back Home !!!


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  Home, great, loving Home! Soo happy to be back!

  Remember the Joico pack I was expecting? yes yes..it came-just a day after I left home.. 


   ..unfortunately meanwhile I went to a doctor to give me a treatment for losing hair..and now I am only allowed to wash my hair with a non detergent soap bar and use the pharmacy made formula-which by the way contains many ingredients and I kind of burned my hands when I first used it..

yes! I still have hair on my had 🙂 and the soap is not that bad 🙂

 I am using now the Eucerin soap bar- and it’s okay… 

  so..in 2 weeks max I’ll be able to use these again..


this time I chose to buy the chelating shampoo ..I’ll let you know how it works..

haven’t tried this one yet,so I thought I give it a try..

and ..even though my hair is a bit greasy (I wash it every 2 days so no matter) I have to use this..

I read only great stuff about this serum, so I will let you know how great it is..

  Of course, a very dear beauty ‘guru’ that I love, once said- all hair products are good and great, cause they all use same ingredients (more or less). YOU only need to wash your hair and it will look great no matter the product…

  And definitely I use lots of different brands no matter the price,if my hair likes it,I like it.


Spring Fashion 2013 – runway details (2)


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2. Salvatore Ferragamo


[lots of loooooong legs gentlemen..I don’t blame you 🙂 ]

source: http://www.vogue.com

Bella citta- Milano! Spring Fashion 2013-Street Style!


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   Si, si, l’ho so! questi giorni Milano e la piu bella cita di Fashion sul “map” di Europe!

  Vediamo l’ho stile di queste belle donne milanesi! 🙂


La vita e Bella!-quando vivi a Milano!


source: http://www.vogue.com;  Photo: Phil Oh (also on http://streetpeeper.com/ )

Spring Fashion 2013 – runway details (1)


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   It takes me a lot of time to check everyday all shows that are taking place-these days in Milano, and I am happy when I see something that I like.

   Today I looked a bit at Dolce&Gabbana but ..somehow it was like looking back 1-2 years ago at Mary Katrantzou’s digital prints (which were a revolution) ..mixed with these raw materials of the shoes..and honestly I am not a fan this season of D&G,but it’s just my opinion.

   Anyway!!! I am not a professional fashion critic! 🙂


     So! I payed a lot of attention to details – meaning shoes!!!


What Nature gives…


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.. is more than Great..!

     Have been busy with my father’s new condition, but we’ll do okay…I’m still on the road, hopefully by the end of the week I’m back HOME.. 

    Eddie also had a bit of a cold for a week – Summer -Autumn transition was not that smooth -temperature dropped too much and sudden;

 …Hubby will have 2 more auditions in Germany.. and some shows in Paris next 10 days..so..I will be HOME alone again..

    Also..have been waiting more than a week for my K-Pak shampoos from Joico to arrive..


….and had to leave before my package arrived -actually I have no idea if it arrived by now-but am very angry with beautybay, because they promised a certain delivery and was not in time – I stayed with dirty hair for more than a week just waiting for my shampoo and trying to get even the last drop from my last one to use it…now I call that a High Fidelity!- (or just really dirty hair??)  what woman would not wash her hair just to wait for a certain one??!! would say a crazy one…

    Will let you know if I got the package.. but meantime I cheated my hair with another shampoo… 😦

   Till more news.. here are some photos made along my last trip at the end of the world..with things found in nature 🙂


the well known Sea-Buckthorn plant-has higher levels of vit C than lemons and oranges, used in many medical treatments. full of this on my hills!   

Crabapple -or Malus -or wild apple 🙂  

crab apple tree!

Blackthorn! very good to eat after first freeze!

plums! lots of plums! So many that below you see..the tree actually broke down because it was too  heavy..

and some nice colored …caterpillars! love the way they look -this one in particular is the Spurge-Hawk moth ,and will show you  lower how it will look! 🙂


and the well known ketchup supplier 🙂 the Tomato..from my grandmother’s garden 🙂 huge one! 

🙂 Eddie and THE Tomato! it had 1 kg and 400 grams (1,4 kg) quite a BIG one!


have a great Monday everyone!

what is ….DIABETES ??


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On Sunday I was on the road taking back home my mother. The same day my father went into hospital,but we found out only when we arrived. He had a diabetes crises, and soon after he was diagnosed with diabetes. It’s 5 days since he is in hospital and still they can’t control his glucose level in blood,and he is on insulin. 

   The bad thing is …that this is it.. he cannot undo the disease. The good thing..(if there is one) is that .. if he takes care of what he eats and drinks..then it can be controlled. 

   So! I found myself in this …situation..of asking what do I know about Diabetes.. I know many people around me that have it..but I never knew enough because it was not in my family. Basically…I know nothing… or I only knew that sugar is totally bad and forbidden… but …there is so much about it. 

   For the moment my father learned how to make shots of insulin to himself, but hopefully he will pass on pills later. 

Just for curiosity if you read labels on any!!! and I mean any type of product that is not for diabetes, in one way or another they all have SUGAR!  so..our sugar intake per day is TOO MUCH already, even if you do not eat sweets! it is crazy,and I always read labels,and I don’t drink juices and I don’t drink coffee with sugar-but still! 

I became panicked.. more than before…

   So, I decided I will be more careful than I’ve been even before with sugar in all products.. 

Also…careful at the quantity of fruits I eat.. 

   Before having the crisis,my father lost 10 kilos in one week-and my father was never fat (-usually type 2 diabetes appears to overweight persons) , was feeling weak..was thirsty all the time and drank 2l of water per night.. but he did not know these are symptoms for a disease..and did not tell anyone..  WORSE! he ate lots of grapes and prunes ( and I mean lots! like 2-3 kilos per day at least) –that took him to hospital at the end..

As a priority, I think we should do this simple blood analysis from time to time..just in case. No more crackers and sweets between meals! and ..2 fruits per day..is quite enough… 

   Wishing everybody a great weekend!

   Take care of sugar quantity! Zero is good enough!


Backstage Fun Models S2013 NYFW


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These are fun and amazing photos of what happens backstage of a show of this level. Beautiful models and beautiful people working around them.

Sources: http://www.vogue.com